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Our Offerings

With a variety of offerings, including Public Sound Baths, Private Sound Baths for Groups and Couples, or Individual Sound Baths, we have the ability to craft a sound bath experience based on your needs.

Noelle Melton is a certified Sound Meditation Practitioner. This practice has become a key component of her own pillar of wellness and her goal is to introduce the benefits of sound meditation to communities throughout the Gilbert and Phoenix area. 

A sound bath can be described as a musically meditative experience where a participant is immersed in a series of rich overtones and undertones that induce a deep relaxation experience. Think of how you feel when your favorite song comes on or a memory pops in your mind related to a song. Music is powerful and the vibrations and frequencies can create a relaxing journey that brings clarity and awareness to our minds and hearts. During our Sound Bath Meditations we use our 7-Piece Crystal Singing Bowls set alongside a Wind Gong and various other instruments to provide deep relaxation to your body and greater clarity to your mind.

Here are just a few benefits of sound meditation:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves mental health

  • Aides in weight release

  • Helps clients achieve deeper levels of relaxation

  • Aides in releasing stored trauma from the body

  • Reduces stress

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Reserve a Private Sound Bath

To complete your booking, please fill out your information below and include what service you are requesting to reserve in the Message section below. 


1) If booking for a private sound bath please include what Sound Bath you are seeking (how many people) including the date, time, and location of your gathering in the Message section below. 


Noelle will reach out afterwards to complete your registration and answer any questions.  Our normal office hours are 10:00-4:00 PM Monday-Friday.  Requests made will be responded to within two business days to finalize booking requests.  If you are in need of immediate assistance, please note so in your request along with a phone number and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Thanks for submitting!

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